- Product description


DIGIwinXL is a simulation program for digital circuits, which can, via an interface, controll external devices. The circuits are drawn on screen using standardized components, and the function can then be tested. During the test the signal levels of all lines are displayed or observed as a time chart or table of values with up to 8 channels. Circuit and timing diagram can be labeled and printed.

DIGIwinXL works under all Windows versions, which allow at least 32-bit programs. With the KV-editor for 2, 3 and 4 variables DIGIwinXL will help in the minimization of combinational circuits!

DIGIwinXL includes all of the necessary combinatorial and a variety of sequential circuits, up to the flip-flop JKMS, 4-bit counters and shift registers. In addition, models can be simulated, such as traffic lights, stepping motor or the press can be used.

DIGIwinXL also includes modules for recording the KV diagram for 2, 3 and 4 variables.

DIGIwinXL can also simulate PLD chips! There are combinatorial and registered PLDs with 8 and 16 inputs and outputs.

DIGIwinXL has a working area of 1680x1024. The file functions allow the storage of password-protected sample solutions.

During program development, we put special attention to ease of use, high speed and low hardware requirements value. To all functions and components gives the English help system information in detail.


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